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The continuous progress in the vehicle lighting industry makes it necessary to provide more safety and comfort to the driver and other people, making it necessary to research technologies with increasingly more efficient and sustainable lighting systems, with greater integration of functions with interaction of the vehicle with the environment and with other vehicles through lighting and signaling.


In general, the market is demanding what is known as “downsizing” in headlamps. Increasingly compact modules that, while improving lighting functions, leave more space for the integration of signaling elements (mainly DRL) and decorative elements, offering stylists the opportunity to include brand-specific styling cues that make the vehicle recognizable.

This trend complicates the development of products, since this miniaturization must be compatible with a correct and controlled projection of the light beam, in order to provide a pleasant driving experience and not dazzle other drivers and pedestrians. In the same way, in tail lights and, in general, in all signaling elements, the market generally demands, as main values, homogeneity and versatility/functionality when representing animations, giving recognizable designs as a brand image. These functional requirements pose a challenge at the technological level, forcing developments on materials, designs, processes…

VALEO ILUMINATION will be responsible for all the work related to product development and, in the activities and tasks related to the process, will be in charge of the purely productive aspects (definition of parameters, design of the process stages,), without intervening in the work of automation of the assembly and control operations. iSR will be in charge of this work, developing assembly and automatic control systems using computer vision.

Technical objectives

The main objective of the consortium formed by VALEO ILUMINACIÓN and iSR is to develop efficient lighting and signaling solutions for automobiles that, based on an innovative ultra-precision machining process, offer new levels of intelligent compact lighting in projectors and new levels of functionality and homogeneity in pilots. This main objective will be developed through the following specific objectives:


Development of luminous devices

Development of low-cost luminous devices for signaling, with characteristics similar to OLED devices, based on the light guide concept.

Design and validation of a lense

Design and validation of a small size lens adaptable for compact optical modules.

Development of modules and processes

A. Development of a high-resolution luminous module capable of creating the required shape in the roadway using epitaxial growth technology. B. Development of an ultra-precision process for the optical definitions required in the previous developments.

Jaén and Martos (ISR and Valeo facilities)

01/07/2018 – 31/12/2020

Amount: 1.515.074 euros

This project has been co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), within the Pluriregional Operational Program for Intelligent Growth, INTEGRACIÓN SENSORIAL Y ROBÓTICA, S.L.