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Difference between linear and matrix systems

Linear and matrix systems Anyone involved in the field of computer vision is well aware of the current trends and how the sector has evolved in recent years. Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) and Transfer Learning have become part of our daily conversations, allowing us to process images with hundreds of different approaches. Edge Computing is […]

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OIT: Proprietary Registered Technology

OIT: Proprietary Registered Technology “Optical Inspection Technology”, are the words behind OIT. This is the denomination under which ISR Specular Vision has developed the mechatronic system that goes with the technology of Specular Vision. OIT technology is the commodity where the integration of systems take place, where the software finds the hardware to be involved

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What is Specular Vision

Specular Vision is the brand name created by the company ISR at the beginning of its technology developments (https://isr.es/en/specular-vision-en/). It refers to the property of the light in which a reflected ray of light emerges from the reflecting surface at the same angle to the surface normal as the incident ray. This is only theory (first described by Hero of Alexandria AD c. 10-70), but the surfaces that ISR inspect are not all strictly specular, but it reminds us of this effect of the light.

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