Specular Vision

OIT® RL System

Integrated online solution for rearlamps inspection

OIT Serial RL System is a vision system designed to inspect RearLamps. There are a large number of different RearLamps on the market, as many as there are car models. OIT RL System is designed to be highly flexible and allows to inspect defects on the surface of any type of RearLamp product. Like OIT Serial HL, this system is integrated in line with the injection moulding process.

The parts to be inspected will be made of technical plastic and can be textured or smooth unlike the HeadLamp product.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of RearLamp lenses that ISR is inspecting:

  • Clear, very similar to HeadLamp. They are clear with an opaque black rim.
  • Multicolour: clear, black, red and/or amber.