Specular Vision


Integrated in-line solution for lens inspection

OIT Biled System is a vision station developed and patented by ISR to inspect and detect aesthetic defects in clear lenses. The system is fully integrated into the lens injection cell.

The inspection station is designed to be adaptable to different lens models and has an interchangeable system to allow this flexibility. These independent systems, known as Vision Jigs, adapt to the shape of each lens and the number of traces in the injection mould.

These Vision Jigs are designed and manufactured by ISR and have an integrated illumination system to highlight internal lens defects. In addition, ISR develops a results interface that is also adapted to the type of lens and allows for each model to create product traceability.

The inspection station consists of a main structure, without safety barriers, because it is designed to work integrated in a closed cell together with the tasks of lens injection and automatic packaging.

Technical specifications BILED