Specular Vision

OIT® ASSEMBLY quality System

Solución integrada en línea de ensamblaje para la inspección de componentes

OIT Assembly Quality System is an integrated solution in assembly lines where there is a need to ensure the correct assembly of different parts or any other type of task.

It consists of adapting a set of cameras and/or devices required in the assembly lines of any type of product. Based on the client’s specifications, a flexible and robust system can be obtained in any circumstance, giving greater reliability to the whole process.

In addition, the solution has screens and dashboards that allow operators to check any type of operation, obtaining an operational control system.

This set can be applied to any type of stage or level such as:

  • Correct position checking.
  • Control of surface defects.
  • Dimensional control.
  • Testing of physical magnitudes.
  • Ensuring that a part exists.
  • OCR