Specular Vision


Integrated online solution for decorative stone inspection assistance

The OIT System for stone has been designed, built and programmed to analyse and verify the condition of the underside of stone slabs on the quality table. This system allows the inspection of different types of materials and dimensions.

This scanner is a passive system that only acts when a board passes over it. At the entrance of the system there is a limit switch, when pressed, it activates the lighting system and notifies the cameras that they can start capturing. The capture speed of the cameras depends on the speed at which the board passes over the wheels of the pivoting system, which transmit the speed to the incremental encoder. At the exit of the system there is another limit switch which, when released, notifies that the board has passed completely over the system, notifies the cameras that the capture of the image is complete and the image is displayed in the application.

Generally speaking, this solution is made up of four subsystems: electrical cabinet, encoder system, vision system and application. The electrical cabinet contains the connections of the different systems as well as being responsible for the power supply to them.

The control monitor allows the operator to view the application and an input device to interact with the image. In addition, it allows the system to be controlled as completely as possible.