Specular Vision


Integrated in-line solution for the inspection of clear optical lenses 

OIT Optic Lenses System is a vision station that inspects surface and volumetric defects in optical lenses. The defectology detected is very wide and the system is integrated in-line in the production flow.

Given the wide variety of optical lenses on the market, this solution has been developed with the aim of integrating a multitude of models without the need for tooling or centring devices. ISR’s software team has developed a model implementation system with which new defectology or lens types can be added with modifications to the algorithm. This function is made possible by the flat morphology of the lens.

The solution has a SCADA system to control the system and a user interface where the inspection results are displayed.

The lenses are inspected four at a time in a cycle time of 20 seconds.

The vision algorithm is prepared to change the image parameters easily from the interface.