Specular Vision

OIT system for High aesthetic value parts

Integrated in-line solution for the inspection of high aesthetic value pieces

ISR specialises in the detection of defects in mirror parts of high aesthetic value. These parts are normally from the automotive sector and correspond to interior or exterior car parts. In this sub-sector there is a very large market with which ISR works in the development of these vision systems. 

The parts can be either transparent or opaque. They are usually injection-moulded plastic parts, but can also be matt or chrome-plated metal parts. As with other solutions, OIT systems are integrated in-line with the production process, neutralising the impact on the line as much as possible.

ISR designs together with the customer the new production process with the integrated vision system. Once the parts are inspected, ISR provides the OK, KO or double check outputs.

Vision systems can be static (fixed cameras) or dynamic (robot cameras), depending on the properties of the part.

These systems are integrated with the plant’s information system, creating product traceability.