Specular Vision

OIT system for High aesthetic value parts

Integrated in-line solution for the inspection of high aesthetic value pieces

OIT System for parts with high aesthetic value is a vision system developed by ISR to inspect and detect aesthetic defects in products made of technical plastic or other materials with reflective finishes, whether transparent or opaque. These parts are usually in the automotive sector and correspond to interior or exterior car parts. In this sub-sector there is a very large market with which ISR is working on the development of these vision systems.

The identification of defects in such parts helps to improve injection moulding processes, optimising them and thus reducing the number of KO parts. ISR’s systems work under the paradigm of Zero Defect Manufacturing and process large-scale data from both vision and injection moulding parameters.

The detectable defect size in these parts is 0.2 mm. Depending on the morphology of the part, the vision systems can be static (fixed cameras) or dynamic (robot cameras), depending on the properties of the part.

The parts enter the system from the injection moulding process by means of a loading and unloading robot. This process can be carried out by ISR, by an integrator in the area or by the customer himself.

The vision algorithms are based on advanced image segmentation techniques. This makes the system flexible to any variability in production conditions that may affect the product. These systems are integrated with the plant information system, creating product traceability.