Advanced Automation

Smart cities

Solutions for smart cities transformation

For some years now, the most advanced cities have been investing in their streets and locations of interest to make them safer and more pleasant places. This is how the idea of developing solutions designed specifically for these cases was born. The aim is to design intelligent solutions for the technological advancement and sustainable development of cities.

In addition, ISR has a great capacity for development in terms of sensor technology, having designed different products and solutions that can be applied to many sectors. By integrating our systems and searching for new solutions, we are able to obtain very complete systems that guarantee an optimal work in the streets of any city.

Para este ejemplo de solución en ciudades inteligentes, se ha desarrollado un sistema de Contenedor inteligente, de la mano de la empresa Wellnes Techgroup. Este sistema mecatrónico está formado por diferentes módulos encargados de realizar diversas tareas como detección de olores (nariz electrónica), caracterización de residuos en tiempo real, predicción de llenado o apertura y seguridad de los contenedores entre otros.

For this same project, an App is also being developed with functionalities such as allowing access and identification, locating the most suitable waste bins, facilitating the registration of information, displaying information to raise awareness and displaying user information.