Advanced Automation


Solution for complete process automation with handling

This advanced automation case performs an automated process for the aeronautical industry of loading cartridges, filling with sealant, capping and capping and finally labelling including parameters such as shelf life, temperature and humidity. In addition, it also has a packaging machine which packages the cartridges according to the desired number of batches.

In order to link all the processes together, it is necessary to use conveyor belts and reception hoppers, as well as a robot manipulator to transfer between the different stations. This system has been designed and assembled entirely at ISR’s facilities in Jaén. 

Mechatronic system consisting of different stations capable of performing the tasks of filling, labelling and packaging sealant cartridges. 

The system has a flexible module for human-machine interaction that allows different operating parameters to be configured, as well as the type of sealant to be used. 

Finally, it incorporates a graphical HMI- SCADA interface for simple, online supervision of the process at all times, allowing any anomalies to be detected during the process.