Advanced Automation


Flexible solution for 2D / 3D dimensional control of all types of materials 

This multi-purpose solution is applicable to all types of products with a defined geometry. It is a system composed of a set of hardware devices capable of inspecting in real time the geometry specified by the customer. There is currently no other industrial solution with these features and capabilities.

In the example shown, we are working with a wide variety of wooden boards where the need is to obtain the exact measurement of the boards with a defined tolerance (high precision +  high work rate). Once this information is obtained, it is determined whether the board is suitable or unsuitable for continuity.

As in this example, ISR has the capacity to carry out the same process but for the inspection of 3D parts, which at the process level would work in the same way, it would only be necessary to add the relevant analysis parameters.


Dashboard information of the last inspection (real time) or selected in the history:

  • Actual length
  • Theoretical length
  • Angular deviation
  • Including or not edge

Out of tolerance information is shown in red and correct information in green. The board will be shown as KO if any information is out of tolerance. 


The inspection station is composed of a main structure, with safety barriers, due to the fact that it is designed to work integrated in plant:

  • Industrial chambers
  • Linear actuators
  • Lighting systems
  • Control panel
  • Safety system