ADvanced automation

Democratisation of automation

ISR is at the forefront of advanced automatic and robotic systems. We develop systems for complex solutions, with proven experience in different sectors of industry being a guarantee for our customers.

We tailor our solutions to the needs of our customers. As a result, we make factories more efficient and sustainable.
Some of the cases for which we implement these solutions are:

  • Industrial Monitoring Systems.
  • Automation of complex processes.
  • Integration of sensors for quality control.

For these solutions, we implement AI and IoT ecosystems with common Automation applications, making them robust and reliable. The main objective is to optimise processes, giving added value to companies, employees and the environment. Some real application cases of Advanced Automation are:

  • Automated Inventory with FM Logistic: MIA2
  • On-line 2D dimensional control with Alvic
  • Monitoring system for industrial plants with Valeo