Smart - Eye

System for the control and characterisation by vision of olives in the yard.

ISR’s Smart-Eye device is a smart device with cloud connectivity that allows information on fat yield, moisture and oil quality to be extracted in real time and integrated into the production chain.

This system is designed to work in the harvesting yard, where the determination of the type of olive at the entrance is a key parameter to determine the purchase price. The Smart – Eye is able to determine the status of the raw material received online and immediately, allowing objective and reliable results to be obtained instantaneously.

With this solution it is also possible to obtain a second option, where the olives are classified. In other words, the same device has two functions:

  • Determination of the state of the incoming olives on the conveyor belt deposited by the farmer.
  • Classification of olives based on factors such as degree of ripeness or quality.


Two working modes: classification by quality or type determination (soil, flight, dirty...).

Local and remote configuration modes.

WiFi and Ethernet connectivity.

Connection to the ISR-Cloud for storage of the captured spectral information.

Intelligent, on-the-fly generation of calibration curves through supervised learning.

Local and remote display of measurement results.

Self-learning to determine new parameters.

Integrates a camera and a lighting system

IoT Platform

ISR IoT Platform is the cloud platform that allows to organise, monitor and manage thousands of devices with different purposes distributed geographically. It is capable of receiving huge volumes of data, processing them and updating the status of the devices with high security measures.

Its greatest competitive advantage lies in its great capacity for Big Data analysis to draw conclusions, make decisions on the data in real time and guarantee the quality of the final product.

The platform contains a specific module for managing NIR devices that offers functionalities such as configuration and parameterisation of the devices, visualisation of the data collected in detail and generation of reports of results in the time intervals considered of interest.

Technical specifications SMART-EYE