Smart - NIRS

Control and measurement system for the production of olive oil.

The ISR Smart-NIRS device is a smart device with connectivity to the cloud that allows to extract information on oil yield, humidity and oil quality in real time and integrated into the production chain.

The Smart-NIR device is embedded in a housing with IP65 degree of protection. The Smart-NIR, in addition to taking measurements, is capable of processing data in real time, thanks to its integrated 64-bit CPU with a 1.2GHz processor and 1GB of RAM. The different configurations and real-time results are stored in its 64GB of internal memory.

The 3.2” resistive LCD screen allows interaction with the Smart-NIR in industrial environments, making it easier for operators to manipulate. The anchor holes make it possible to be placed in different locations without the need to open the system.


It allows capturing the spectral response of the product iteratively with scan cycles of up to 1 second.

Local and remote configuration modes.

WiFi and Ethernet connectivity.

Connection to the ISR-Cloud for the storage of the captured spectral information.

Intelligent and “on the fly” generation of calibration curves through supervised learning.

Local and remote display of measurement results.

Self-learning to determine new parameters.

It integrates a 128-element InGaAs sensor with spectral response in the 900 - 1700nm range.

IoT Platform

ISR IoT Platform is the cloud platform that allows organizing, monitoring and managing thousands of devices with different purposes distributed geographically. It is capable of receiving huge volumes of data, processing it and updating the status of devices with high security measures.

Its greatest competitive advantage lies in the great capacity of Big Data analysis to draw conclusions, make decisions about data in real time and guarantee the quality of the final product.

The platform contains a specific module to manage NIR devices that offers functionalities such as the configuration and parameterization of the devices, visualize the collected data in detail and generate reports of results in the time intervals considered interesting.

NIR Datasheet