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Integración Sensorial y Robótica (iSR)

The Start-up Sensorial and Robotic Integration, also known as iSR, was born in 2016 as a spin-off of the University of Jaén. Located within the context of the University Group of Research in Robotics and Automation of the UJA, the company has extensive experience in the development of new technological solutions and products based on sensorial integration and advanced automation, whether for the industry , in general, as for the AGRO sector.

Products and services

The main focus of the company is the industrialization and commercial exploitation of advanced solutions in the field of automation and process control applied to all economic sectors.

Agro Sector

One of the lines of business of ISR is to develop new advanced techniques of modeling and automatic control, in conjunction with new sensory systems, in order to offer products and services of higher quality in terms of health and human or consumer perception, as is the EVOO.

This project Almazara 4.0 has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 816091.

Quality control

ISR is speciallized in the devlopment of new automatic inspection setups for controlling different kind of parts or elements in the industry.

Automotive sector

It is the market for which ISR is mainly oriented; developing advanced automation setups.

Logistics Sector

We are currently developing systems to automatize hand operations such as inventory, handling or trazability process.


The company currently has a multidisciplinary team, cohesive and with high capacity for innovation, formed by professionals from different areas who work in a coordinated way. A broad team with proven experience in the research and development of automatic systems for measurement and control of processes and services.

Óscar Cáceres

Electrical and electronic engineering area


Electrical and electronic engineering area

Julián Coca

Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Area


Mechanical Engineer specialized in mechanical, electrical and electronic design and integration. Evolving continuously with technology. Finding in each challenge a possibility of overcoming.

José M. Duque

Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Area


Mechanical Engineer with mention in Engineering and Mechanical Manufacturing. Specialty in Design Industrial CAD CAM CAE systems. I love to innovate and learn new things, especially Related to the world of mechatronics and manufacturing processes.


Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Area


Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Area

Ana Siles

Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Area


Christian Moreno

Software Engineering and Telecomunications Area


Software Engineer with several years of experience in solutions for multinational companies. Passionate of the Intelligence Artifical and Big Data in all its variants. Restless to overcome and enjoy the challenges that my profession has for me.

Gabriel J. Moreno

Software Engineering and Telecomunication Area


Software Engineer, application development in Java, Android, iOS and Web. Constantly learning from everything around me. I love vector design. Increasingly in love with the world of robotics, automatic and computer vision.

Marcial Sánchez

Software Engineering and telecomunications Area


Software Engineer. Java developer of Industrial applications, Web, Multi-agent systems. Administration of Windows and Linux systems. Cyber security enthusiast.

Javier Valiente

Software Engineering and telecomunications Area


Computer Engineer. Willing to learn and to continue training with my work. Very interested in the field of Natural Language Processing and Big Data.

Raúl Tirado

Production area.


Electronic Engineer with mention in Industrial Automation. Development of PCBs, 3D printing, Assembly and manufacturing. Passionate motor and robotics. Electronic with soul of mechanic.


With an engineering background, although considered by some good friends as a humanistic engineer, what I really like is to learn, toghether other people constructing new kind of projects

Manuel J. Cobo

Administration Area


Higher Technical in Administration and Finance and Graduated in Business Administration and Management from the University of Jaén. Passionate about the administration, accounting and tax management of the company with the aim of contributing to the smooth functioning and improvement of results. At the moment, student of the Master in Tax Consulting of Companies by the European Institute of Fiscal Advice.


Administration Area


Administration area

David Bonillo

Collaborator UJA-GRAV
Multipurpose Mechanical Engineer. Passionate about Engineering in general. I like developing projects in multidisciplinary groups combining all the branches of engineering to achieve optimal results.

Pablo Cano

Collaborator UJA-GRAV
Collaborator UJA-GRAV

Elisabet Estévez

Collaborator UJA-GRAV
Collaborator UJA-GRAV

Juan Gómez

Collaborator UJA-GRAV
Collaborator UJA-GRAV

Sebastián Liébanas

Collaborator UJA-GRAV
Electronic Industrial Engineer always ready to face new challenges. Electronics systems oriented to the process automation. I like contributing with my work in multidisciplinary teams, growing up both professional and personal.

Arturo López Riquelme

Collaborator UJA-GRAV
Electronic Industrial Engineer and Mechatronic. I work the fields of Automatic, Robotic and Computer Vision. I want to face projects which connect needs with solutions. I like languages and project management.

Diego M. Martínez

Collaborator UJA-GRAV
Telecommunication Engineer and PhD in the Area of Systems Engineering and Automation by the Univesity of Jaén. I like new technologies and sensory integration. Always adding.

Enrique Ortega Vázquez

Collaborator UJA-GRAV

Álvaro Ruiz Martínez

Collaborator UJA-GRAV
Mechanical Engineer with mention in thermal and fluid installations. Lover of engineering and innovation in all its aspects. 3D design, assembly and manufacture of mechanical components. Finding in each project a new challenge of improvement and continuous improvement both personal and professional.

Alejandro Sánchez

Collaborator UJA-GRAV
Collaborator UJA-GRAV

Silvia Satorres

Collaborator UJA-GRAV
Collaborator UJA-GRAV

Research Projects