The Start-up Integración Sensorial y Robótica, also known as ISR, was born in 2016 as a spin-off from the University of Jaén. Located within the context of the Robotics, Automation and Computer Vision University Researching Group at UJA, the company has a extensive experience in developing new technology solutions and products based on sensory integration and advanced automation, whether for industry, in general, as for the agro-food sector.

ISR has a high technological capacity within the context of Industry 4.0, either for classical disciplines such as mechanical design and manufacturing or electronic integrations, and the newest ones such as collaborative robotics, sensor integration or artificial intelligence. Furthermore, ISR’s aim is reaching national and international scope, allowing the access to the market through different productive sectors. Some of our values, on which we build our company culture, are:







The company currently has a multidisciplinary, cohesive team with a high capacity for innovation, made up of professionals from different areas who work in coordination. A large team with proven experience in the research and development of automatic measurement and control systems for processes and services.


With an engineering background (humanistic engineer as a good friend says), what I really like is to learn, from other people and developing new projects.

Javier Gámez


Telecommunication Engineer and PhD in the Area of Systems Engineering and Automation by the Univesity of Jaén. I like new technologies and sensory integration. Always adding.

Diego M. Martínez


Trained in Business Administration and Management, with the purpose of contributing to efficiency and continuous improvement of results, I am fascinated by working as a team because it is there where synergies arise and true competitive advantage is created, in people.

Manuel Cobo


Most valuable and difficult resource to manage is time; which I invest in family, friends and learning. I enjoy learning and it makes a difference at work. Industrial Engineer (Specialist in Energy Techniques, Industrial Automation and Robotics) and Industrial Technical Engineer (Specialist in Industrial Mechanics and Electronics). Several years of experience in GRAV-UJA and ISR.

Sergio Illana


Sensory Integration Area

Industrial Engineer specialized in advanced computer vision systems and in the electrical and electronic hardware design of automatic control systems.

Óscar Cáceres

Sensory Integration Area Coordinator

Computer Engineer with mention in Graphic Systems. Increasingly passionate about everything related to engineering. Willing to face all kinds of challenges with which to learn and train as a professional and person. As the saying goes: "Knowledge does not take place."

José M. Delgado

Electronic engineer focused on the design, prototyping and validation of integrated circuits. Always ready to improve and continue learning with the aim of offering 100% of the capabilities for each project and very interested in all the R&D related to electric mobility.

Manuel Hernández

Industrial Electronic Engineer with mention in Automation and Master in Mechatronics Engineering Designing interconnected automation systems. Learning is the only way to move forward. Always interested in the technology and science around us. I love the field of vision for computer, robotics and Machine-Learning.

Enrique Ortega

Computer engineer. Interested in the fields of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. In constant learning of new tools for their application in the development of new projects.

Alejandro Ureña

Computer engineer constantly trained to meet the challenges of everyday life. I love the idea of ​​transforming an abstract concept into a tangible solution. Interested in automating tasks that improve productivity and processed valuable extra time to continue innovating.

Juan Gallego

Software Area

Computer Engineer. Mobile application development lover. In constant learning and training, wanting to face challenges.

Ángel Moral

Software Engineer with several years of experience in solutions for multinational companies. Passionate of the Intelligence Artifical and Big Data in all its variants. Restless to overcome and enjoy the challenges that my profession has for me.

Christian Moreno

Software Area Coordinator

Software Engineer, application development in Java, Android, iOS and Web. Constantly learning from everything around me. I love vector design. Increasingly in love with the world of robotics, automatic and computer vision.

Gabriel J. Moreno

Software Engineer. Java developer of Industrial applications, Web, Multi-agent systems. Administration of Windows and Linux systems. Cyber security enthusiast.

Marcial Sánchez

Computer Engineer. Willing to learn and to continue training with my work. Very interested in the field of Natural Language Processing and Big Data.

Javier Valiente

Hardware Area

Multipurpose Mechanical Engineer. Passionate about Engineering in general. I like developing projects in multidisciplinary groups combining all the branches of engineering to achieve optimal results.

David Bonillo

Mechanical Engineer specialized in mechanical, electrical and electronic design and integration. Evolving continuously with technology. Finding in each challenge a possibility of overcoming

Julián Coca

Hardware Area Coordinator

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering with mention in Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing from the University of Jaén. Master in Mechatronic Engineering. Specialty in Industrial Design, CAD CAM CAE systems. I love to innovate, learn and enjoy the little challenges of everyday life.

José M. Duque

Industrial electronic engineer with mention in electronic systems and Master in Mechatronic engineering. Passionate about both electronic and mechanical design. I like working in multidisciplinary teams and in new projects to face new challenges and grow professionally.

Antonio Guillén

Electronic Industrial Engineer always ready to face new challenges. Electronics systems oriented to the process automation. I like contributing with my work in multidisciplinary teams, growing up both professional and personal.

Sebastián Liébanas

Industrial engineer specialized in mechanical design, compute of electrical systems and thermal and fluid installations. Lover of engineering and innovation, highlighting: 3D design, assembly and manufacture of mechanical and electrical components. Each project is a new challenge of continuous improvement, both personal and professional.

Álvaro Ruiz

Internship student in FP Dual higher degree in Mechatronics, from IES Jándula (Andújar).

Miguel Ruiz

Training in different fields of engineering, among which advanced industrial design stands out. With two years of experience in the sector, I am excited about this challenge and I value teamwork with the people around me.

Ana Siles

Electronic Engineer with mention in Industrial Automation. Development of PCBs, 3D printing, Assembly and manufacturing. Passionate motor and robotics. Electronic with soul of mechanic.

Raúl Tirado


Graduated in Law and Business Administration and Management from the University of Jaén. Passionate about numbers, eager to continue training in business management and administration, with a slight weakness for taxation and accounting.

Paloma Jiménez

Degree in Economics from the University of Malaga and Business Expert from ThePowerMBA. Experience in Accounting, Financial and Fiscal Management of SMEs, since 2005, and since 2016, in Strategy Consulting for Pharmacy Offices, including Training for the correct implementation and execution of strategies.

José J. Muñoz


With university degree and master in engineering, I face the challenge of developing skills in the disciplines of business administration and management and business development. I especially like training in languages.

Arturo López


Industrial Engineer from the University of Seville, Doctor from the University of Jaén. I teach in the area of ​​Systems Engineering and Automation at the University of Jaén, I research and work on transfer projects, mainly on expert systems based on fuzzy logic.

Pablo Cano

UJA-GRAV Collaborator

Telecommunications Engineer and PhD from the University of the Basque Country (UPV / EHU). I teach in the area of ​​Systems Engineering and Automation at the University of Jaén. I participate in transfer projects and specialize in the use of Information and Communication Technologies in Industrial and Service Automation.

Elisabet Estévez

UJA-GRAV Collaborator

Origin and base of the professional and personal project that ISR represents, currently I occupy myself with a university project that is fulfilling as well: Rectorate of UJA.

Juan Gómez

UJA-GRAV Collaborator

Colaborador UJA-GRAV. Expert in mechatronic systems at ISR.

Alejandro Sánchez

UJA-GRAV Collaborator

Collaborator UJA-GRAV. Expert in computer vision at ISR.

Silvia Satorres

UJA-GRAV Collaborator


The company is located in the city of Jaén, on an industrial park close to the University of Jaén (less than 200 meters away). It has an infrastructure of 1.200 m2 of workshop and 225 2 of offices. ISR also has rest areas, a clean room for prototype development and a kitchen.


Work with us



is focused on the development of new technological solutions and products based on sensory integration and advanced automation. In addition, providing a high quality service that satisfies the customer and fits in with the established requirements, like any other that the organization subscribes to, including those of an environmental nature, is considered priority.

All the organization’s staff is involved in the environmental protection and committed to the continuous improvement of the Management System. The basic principles of this Policy are:


  • Promote innovation, offering a quality product and service.
  • Provide excellent professional and technical resources to carry out a unique service.
  • Establish a Training Plan for the professional development of employees and attend to their suggestions in order to improve their well-being and personal development in the workplace.


  • Search for the most suitable solution for the customer.
  • Efficacy in the service, offering response to any contingence.
  • Offer an effective and viable product that fits in customer requirements.


  • Efficient use of the resources used.
  • Appropriate management of the waste generated by the organization.
  • Generate the least possible impact and promote the prevention of pollution.

This Policy constitutes the frame of reference for the establishment of more specific objectives that guarantee a continuous improvement. This document is communicated to all workers and is available to all the crew of the organization who request it.